Fredau Hoekstra – Photo session at Studio 35 (2)

I would like to talk about Fredau Hoekstra, the model for the photo-session at Studio 35. Before that, I would like to talk about Jazz. I am a Jazz aficionado. Why I love Jazz? Because it is conversation with musical notes! Players decide which song to play so they have a fundamental melody and chord progression. As a tune goes, it moves to solo part by each players. This is the true charm of jazz because the solo is played by improvisation. While a player is improvising solo, they actually listen to each other and quickly response to what other players are doing. That is why jazz is so thrilling.

Fredau Hoekstra is a full-time model from Edinburgh. Just google her name and you will find so many her images. For the photo-session, I brought a photo frame for some poses. While I was checking my equipment, she was passing her body through the frame. As soon as, I saw what she was trying to do, I quickly changed lens to wide-angle and I lie on floor and shot some images.

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I like this type of interaction. Model-photo-sessions are like jazz, collaboration work among a photographer, models and assistants. I had concept like a song to play, but outcome was not the one I predicted.

In addition, I tried time-lapsed photography of the photo-session. Stupid myself, I forgot charging a battery for the camera so I could not take the frames of images as many as it is supposed to be, but just for fun.

Model – Fredau Hoekstra (
Hair & Makeup – Mallory McGowan (
Wardrobe – Maria Serpico
Location – Studio 35 Photography

4 thoughts on “Fredau Hoekstra – Photo session at Studio 35 (2)

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thanks, again, Janice. I am going through images from the session now again, and it is so hard to select which images to process. Fredau is so good.

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