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Lightroom needs computer power

Just recently, I have changed my workflow of digital processing. 90% of the post-processing was done by only Adobe Photoshop, but  I am more rely on Adobe Lightroom lately since I found cropping tool of the LR was more user friendly than PS and I can publish from the process of the cropping tool. I mean I do not have to create extra cropped versions of the image files by PS before publishing. Adjustment  Brush tool of the LR  is…good enough for the most of retouching. I still like masking and curve by PS when changing contrast.

But I did not know the fact Adobe Lightroom was such a computer processor power eater. My 5 years old computer with Core 2 Duo was not usable. If you are trying to selecting area by brushing tool and you can see the covered area 30 second later, how efficient is it? So I gave up the machine and I upgraded computer. Now CPU is Intel Core i5 with 8G memory. Furthermore,  I installed SSD (solid-state-drive) for Windows 7, all programs, and Lightroom catalog and cash area. Now LR is somewhat stress free. PS? Oh, I did not know why I waited for such a long time to upgrade the computer. So I put all new parts together within 1.5 hrs. Having said that I am still working on installing programs. I may be a computer geek but not smart enough to prepare all necessary product keys.

Hell to Heaven  by Hiroaki  Kobayashi (Hiro-K) on
Hell to Heaven by Hiroaki Kobayashi

Only minimal digital processing by Adobe photoshop. Please click  the image for the larger size.