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Gallery show by Norman Geppert

Long time ago, I wrote about the photo stuck in my head. I saw a gallery show which made me think about ARTIST’S NATURE again. The title of the show is “Margret Went Home: Pictures of Iceland” by Norman Geppert at Framed on Fifth in Calgary. Why did I think about such a thing? Please read Artist’s Statement:

Margret, my mother, wanted to go home to Iceland. It was October 2011. We stayed on the farm with Margret’s sister and other relatives. We visited, ate tasty Icelandic food, drank the odd beer, and went hiking and exploring. From climbing mountains to helping to slaughter sheep, we drove the country clockwise. It was a trip. Documenting our travels and experiences with photographs was important to me for capturing the beauty of Iceland and for my mother. Margret has Alzheimer’s.

In music, musician often sing about their honest emotion from their experiences in their real life even though they can be so traumatic experiences. In photography, this type of attempt is considered to be documentary, rather than art. Regardless, I believe nothing is different in motivation and process to express their emotion in any art forms. I truly respect Norman and his photos touched me.

By the way, all his photos taken conventional film and printed in his wet darkroom. The show is until March 2nd and is part Exposure 2013 photography festival in Calgary and Canmore.