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Thank you so much for stealing my cameras! Otherwise, I would not have thought switching to a digital camera!! The end of 2008, my film cameras were stolen from my car. I brought the cameras from Japan in 2000 and they had been my partners for over ten years. I took the cameras to everywhere…every day. But they are gone. It is incredibly sad but it was about time to switch to a digital camera. So I bought a used digital camera from a local camera store. Actually, this was beginning of a new era. Now I am more passionate about photography than ever before. 

My favorite photography was mainly street photos before I moved to Calgary; however, I have been taking more nature photos lately. My first experience of Canadian Rockies was   in 2001, just one year after I came to Canada. The beauty of the Canadian Rockies is unforgettable. However, I did not have a chance to revisit Canadian Rockies while I resided in British Columbia for nearly 10 years. Now, I am living in Calgary. Why not taking this geographical advantage?   

I have my website, www.widebrightpass.com, which exhibits my serious fine-art-photos. On the other hand, in this blog, I would like to talk about anything about photography more frankly….anything I find in my everyday life.  It can be about a photo trips on weekends, new equipment I bought, magazine articles, experiments I made, etc. Even I will post some miss shots which can not be shown in my website. Yeah, mistakes should be shared with everybody and it can be fun! 

I also plan to post not only my images but also other photographers and their works. It can be well-known photographers but it can be YOU, having visited this blog. I am looking forward to hearing any comments from you.

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