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About Hiro

Thank you so much for stealing my cameras! Otherwise, I would not have thought switching to a digital camera!! The end of 2008, my film cameras were stolen from my car. I brought the cameras from Japan in 2000 and they had been my partners for over ten years. I took the cameras to everywhere...every day. But they are gone. It is incredibly sad but it was about time to switch to a digital camera. So I bought a used digital camera from a local camera store. Actually, this was beginning of a new era. Now I am more passionate about photography than ever before. My favorite photography was mainly street photos before I moved to Calgary; however, I have been taking more nature photos lately. My first experience of Canadian Rockies was in 2001, just one year after I came to Canada. The beauty of the Canadian Rockies is unforgettable. However, I did not have a chance to revisit Canadian Rockies while I resided in British Columbia for nearly 10 years. Now, I am living in Calgary. Why not taking this geographical advantage? I have my website,, which exhibits my serious fine-art-photos. On the other hand, in this blog, I would like to talk about anything about photography more frankly….anything I find in my everyday life. It can be about a photo trips on weekends, new equipment I bought, magazine articles, experiments I made, etc. Even I will post some miss shots which can not be shown in my website. Yeah, mistakes should be shared with everybody and it can be fun! I also plan to post not only my images but also other photographers and their works. It can be well-known photographers but it can be YOU, having visited this blog. I am looking forward to hearing any comments from you.

A Woman in Red

I photographed Leah last summer.  She is beautiful and gorgeous. As you see, she was wearing eye catching red dress. Since the color of her dress is intense pure red, I requested her to stand in front of old back wall. That brings good contrast between pail wall and her, and she is more standing out in the image.

Now, a photographer have to work a little bit harder on the computer.  I wanted to enhance my inner imagination of kind of Gothic, like Gotham city in Tim Burton version of Batman. So added rusty “yogoshi” weathering effect on entire image.

I would be glad if you see the mood I saw in my imagination.


Please click the idea to view larger image.


Crocus – A messenger of the spring

Calgarians experienced extremely mild winter of 2015 to 2016. But still it is good to find a sign of spring arrived. I visited Drumheller and I found many crocuses blossoming in the badlands soil. Crocus would be a messenger telling us it is the end of long winter.

_DSC9199 1

_DSC9213 1

Spiral in fall – Three years of patience

I don’t know why…but I like leaves change more than flower season in spring. Maybe because of my personality? It is like after excitements of the short summer, trees set up climax with the perfect stage effect of yellow leaves. After the drama, long enduring winter is waiting. That’s is the reason I visit Lake O’Hara every year.

I tried this idea of flowing needles for 3 years, and eventually, I got a successful image. I used Lee big stopper neutral density filter and achieved 160 sec of shutter speed.

Spiral in fall

Snow in the spring

I went hiking 1 month ago in Kananaskis country, Alberta. It was snowing…quite strongly. The hiking was basically regaing strength after a long winter…sitting on a computer. But I was still snapping and when it is snowing, that excites “normal” photographers.

Happy New Year – the year of the SHEEP

L1013809 Cropped2014 was the year of the horse and I got some good luck from my horse images. I received several awards, including a photographic artist of the year. Now new year has come! The year 2015 is the year of the SHEEP. So I made a card with Japanese style. It says “Happy New Year” and “wishing joy in the new spring”.



White crested waves and Long exposure

This images was taken in Abraham Lake, Alberta in this summer. I guess I arrived the area evening. The sun was already gone. Kootenay plains area is usually very windy. This day was also windy and the Abraham lake was white with form. Actually, this was the condition I had been waiting for. When attempting long exposure to white crested waves, the surface of lake or sea turns white, rather than black …kind of surreal. I used LEE Bigstopper and achieved 362 sec (6 min) of exposure time.

Abraham Lake - Long After Sunset

By the way, I recently discovered Capture one, excellent Raw converter and photo management software. I have being using Adobe Lightroom for long time. When opening Raw file to Photoshop from Lightroom I noticed many color spots of long-exposure noise was quite visible. On the other hand, the file from Capture one is cleaner. I could see some tiny white spots but they are not so significant. One day, I would to write a more thorough report.From Lightroom

From Capture one