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Fredau Hoekstra – Photo session at Studio 35 (1)

I had a model shooting session at Studio 35 in Airdrie, Alberta last Saturday. The model was Fredau Hoekstra, full-time model from Europe. I brought a picture frame and I had already had an idea to ask a model to hold the frame and place herself in the frame by photoshop. However, Adam Kuzik brought up even better idea to place the frame between two of Fredau. So I had to clone 2 times (one standing Fredau and her in the frame from other photos). It took whole 2 days for post processing.but I guess this image is quite successful.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Model – Fredau Hoekstra (www.fredauhoekstra.co.uk)
Hair & Makeup – Mallory McGowan (www.mallorymcgowan.com)
Wardrobe – Maria Serpico
Location – Studio 35 Photography

Fredau was an amazing model. I would like to talk about her in next blog as well as more photos. Stay tuned.