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My solo gallery show in the Stampede season

I will throw another solo exhibition. The show will start tomorrow. Robinson’s camera in Englewood, Calgary will launch a gallery space. I was offered to exhibit my horse photos along with some landscape photos because, of course, it is the STAMPEDE SEASON . I am honored to be the first photographer to have show at Robinsons’s camera!


Invitation card Fcebook

My photographic exhibition at Framed on fifth in February.

It has been 2 years since Framed on Fifth, lovely framing and art gallery booked me for a gallery show. Now it is happening.  Although 2 years seems long enough to prepare images, it passed very quickly. I must be a rain man and I got bad weather whenever I go to big trips. I end up to get many subtle, gentle almost melancholic images. Then I went through all landscape images I have taken since 2009. I realized I am getting more subtle images because my style may have been changing. 

So I titled this gallery show,  “Wabi-sabi wanderlust”. Wabi-sabi is Japanese term, in part portrays a true sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing.

My show will be at Framed on Fifth (1207 – 5th Avenue N.W., Calgary) from Feb 1st to Mar 1st. The opening reception will be Feb 8th from 5pm. Also I will have artist talk, ” Meet the artist” on Feb 15th from 2 pm to 4 pm. I will have a photo critiquing session as a part of the artist talk.  Please bring a couple of your photos.


By the way, this show is part of Exposure Photo Festival 2014. Many gallery shows are listed this year as well. You should check the out.

Lastly,  I will share a time-lapsed video, I made for fun. Just check it out.

Sunrise in the Abraham Lake,

I have been going through landscape photos I have taken since 2009. I have to select some images for my upcoming exhibition in February, 2014 and hopefully, I am planning to publish a book at the same time. Then I realized the images I think interesting were taken in bad weather….can be cloudy, raining, snowing or very cold.

When I took this photo, it was warmer day, -6C! But it was windy and cold enough to have made my camera stop working. (I had to keep camera batteries warm and switch them frequently). But when the moment comes like this scene, adrenaline is pumping in, and I just keep clicking a shutter.

Sunrise in the Abraham Lake by Hiroaki  Kobayashi on 500px.com

Sunrise in the Abraham Lake
Hiroaki Kobayashi

I like this photo but I don’t think I will put this one for the exhibition in February. This image is a little too dramatic to meet the title of the gallery show, which is “Wabi-sabi Wanderlust”. The photos at the show will be more melancholic and kind of spiritual. They could be said “Oriental mood”.  More details will be announced. Stay tuned.

Galley show – PPOC Alberta – Central Branch Featured Fine Art in the Fall

Eight photographers from PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) will showcase variety styles of photographic art at Atlantis Fine Framing Studio on 25th and 26th of October. The photographers are;

Peter Gold
Royce Howland
Edith VanderKloot
Neil Speers
Shelley Vandervelde
Linda Senychych
Iris Jackson
and me.

The opening reception will be on Oct 25th from 6pm to 9pm. Please come to see us and enjoy some wine and cheese.


A new image form the gallery show

When I publish a new photo, I occasionally feel not sure what kind of responses to the photo I will get from viewers. Currently, my gallery show is going at the Higher Ground cafe in Kensington in Calgary, Alberta. This is the first time to showcase this image takne in Lake O’Hara in Yoho National park, BC in 2012. I was not quite confident since it is a little different from what I have mostly done before. Its mood is so different from my other photos. I guess that is why I was a little anxious to exhibit this photo. However, this image was one of two photos my friends picked as their favorite photos. When reviewing my album, I noticed my style is constantly changing; images from 2012 are somewhat different from 2011 even I traveled to the same places.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

For larger size, please click the photo.


Another reason people like this photo would be thye may see quality of the presentation o of the photo. I asked Resolve Photo to print and Framed on Fifth to frame as usual. They do great job.

By the way. the gallery show is going until the end of April. The map to the Higher Ground Cafe is here.

Gallery show by Norman Geppert

Long time ago, I wrote about the photo stuck in my head. I saw a gallery show which made me think about ARTIST’S NATURE again. The title of the show is “Margret Went Home: Pictures of Iceland” by Norman Geppert at Framed on Fifth in Calgary. Why did I think about such a thing? Please read Artist’s Statement:

Margret, my mother, wanted to go home to Iceland. It was October 2011. We stayed on the farm with Margret’s sister and other relatives. We visited, ate tasty Icelandic food, drank the odd beer, and went hiking and exploring. From climbing mountains to helping to slaughter sheep, we drove the country clockwise. It was a trip. Documenting our travels and experiences with photographs was important to me for capturing the beauty of Iceland and for my mother. Margret has Alzheimer’s.

In music, musician often sing about their honest emotion from their experiences in their real life even though they can be so traumatic experiences. In photography, this type of attempt is considered to be documentary, rather than art. Regardless, I believe nothing is different in motivation and process to express their emotion in any art forms. I truly respect Norman and his photos touched me.

By the way, all his photos taken conventional film and printed in his wet darkroom. The show is until March 2nd and is part Exposure 2013 photography festival in Calgary and Canmore.


Won an award – PPOC-Alberta competition

Last weekend, Exposure Symposium 2013 was held in Calgary Alberta by Professional Photographers of Canada – Alberta. I submitted 4 of my images for competition.  I was in a gallery at the judging session and had opportunity to hear all comments made by five judges. They are all master photographers and certified for judging. I believe professional means they have ability to perform thing regular people cannot so. All judges are like physicians diagnosing X-ray. They found things photographers had missed in creative process accurately. The difference from physicians is they were judging images from artistic points of view.

So my results…two images were rejected, one image was accepted and one image got merit. According to some photographers, these results were not so bad for me who joined PPOC one half years ago and tried a competition first time. AND more exciting news is I won the best in class award in Pictorial category. I know this is just small step. I have to work even harder.

Well the winning photo will be exhibited in upcoming show at Higher ground cafe from March 5th. More details about the show will be informed. Stay tuned.


Photographic gallery show at “Framed on Fifth” by Royce Howland

One day, when I visited Framed on Fifth, a lovely custom framing shop in Calgary, the owner of the store, Hannah asked me what kind of wide-angle lens was good to record gallery shows…Framed on Fifth has gallery space and they exhibit variety of arts every month. She needs a wide-angle lens to record each show. Actually, I am not a good person to ask this type of the question since equipment is least favorite topic for me. Some people can talk about every catalog data of all Canon or Nikon lenses. I am an opposite type of the photographer. But I became more interested in how I can capture her pretty store and the gallery show. Then I can give some ideas to Hannah.

I should talk about the gallery show this month since it is featuring Royce Howland, fabulous photographer from Calgary. I knew his name from some of my friends’ blog and Outdoor photography Canada magazine. Although, he and I took the same bus from Lake O’Hara about one and half years ago, I did not know who Royce was. Then I found him at PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) meeting. That was the first time I talked to him. We both were accredited by PPOC in nature photography category at the same time.

This is too late to announce but the opening reception of the show will be happening tomorrow, on January 4th from 5 pm to 9 pm. Royce’s photos were printed by Costas at Resolve photo, the most trusted printer in Calgary due to high quality prints, and they were framed by Hannah. You know fabulous b&w photos which are printed by the best printer and framed truly experienced framer… the show must be awesome! I am sure we will have deep conversation…deeper than catalog data for sure… at the opening reception. As a professional photographer, I am happy to be part of the community. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.


Jeff Cruz – instant art Exhibition

The biggest news this week among  photographers must be announcement of D800 by Nikon. Although I usually do not pay attention to new products, this time I read an article from truly beginning to the end. Now I really want this 36 megapixel camera. But wait a minute… think about what I CANNOT do with my rangefinder camera. Do I need auto focus? IF I start wedding or event  photography, I may need autofocus …or I can do a job with a rangefinder camera. I don’t know at this point. I know dynamic range of my camera is not as wide as current Nikon or Canon DSLRs. But can I overcome the limitation by some photographic techniques?…yes, I can. I use HDR, flash and grad filters even though they are really difficult to use with rangefinder cameras. Unless I become an aerial photographer or a sports photographer, the narrow dynamic range is not a problem. I found that catalog specifications tend to go out by themselves and photographers (especially male) are easily tricked by those numbers. But I believe knowing limitations of the camera comes first. When photographic expressions expand, I need  to think about new system. I guess this right way to go. (Well, still I want D800E. Used Nikon PC 85mm has been in a showcase at the Camera store…Devil’s whisper)

Actually, I am not supposed to write about such a thing. I should talk about my fellow photographer, Jeff Cruz. He will h ave one-man exhibition at Resolution Local Art Gallery in Calgary, AB from February 14th to March 4th. The special about this show is all images are taken by iPhone. “The best camera is the one in your hand”; achieving creative works with whatever camera you have now. It does not need to be D700 or 5D mark II. Jeff is going to prove it.

When I met Jeff first time was at Stampede Western Photo galeery 2011. Although he is a professional commercial and editorial photographer, he exhibited beautiful landscapes at the Stampede show. Actually, He started taking pictures with plastic toy camera from a Bazooka Joe gum wrapper, so iPhone may have been already part of his DNA. Anyway, the opening reception of Jeff Cruz’s Instant art show will be Feb 17th Thursday from 5pm. I am going to see this nice guy as well as great photographer.

Ethereal Photographic Art Show (7) – Darwin Wiggett

So finally, It came to time to write about Darwin Wiggett. This is a very hard task for me. Me analyzing Darwin’s photographs is kind of ridiculous. But I have so many things to talk about his images. Maybe I should talk about why I am so attracted by his images. Before that, let me back to my musician era. It is easier for me.

I went to Jeff Beck concert just 1 week ago days ago. Jeff beck has been my guitar hero since I was a high school student (One more YouTube, Jeff plays Lennon’s song). This is my 5th time to see his concert. Every time, I was knocked out by his 1st note, only one note! His guitar sound came from his finger picking is so distinctive and cool. When he plays ballads, it is unbelievably beautiful and sad but 10 seconds later I hear sort of aggressiveness and anger. Among rock musicians, I cannot think of any other players who can express emotions at his level. There are many technically more advanced guitarists such as Edward Van Halen, Steve Vai, etc. However, Jeff Back really controls a guitar and the sounds. I guess techniques are just tools to express emotion for him. So although his songs are pretty easy to copy, it never be same. To copy his delicate nuance, I had to go up to different level.

Well I should come back to photography. Darwin’s images are, without question, very beautiful. But it is not that simple. I see joyfulness, peacefulness, liveliness; also I feel loneliness, sadness, mysteriousness even intenseness like Jaff beck’s play.

Initially, I thought Darwin’s style is toward high contrast and colorful so it was why his images were powerful, strong, dynamic, and masculine (Kind of opposite from Sam’s images). However, one day, I was looking through his photographic book, “Dances with Light” and I found very delicate tones in clouds, skies, water stream, green grass…everywhere. Sorry to Darwin, but it was a surprising discovery to me. You know…listening to a record after a long time, you get a different impression from before. Don’t you have such an experience? I believe truly great arts are like this….van Gogh, Mozart, Beatles, Django Reinhardt, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest …they contain all sorts of characters and emotions in one piece of the artworks. That is why whenever I revisit the piece, I discover something new and I can glow together.

Well…coping someone’s style or technique is not so difficult and everybody has to do “copy” at one point. But what I would like to acquire from Darwin is his artist sensitivity…from picking up a camera to present images in public. It is not easy and requires patience. Only I can do is to keep shooting. I hope people feel some sort of an emotion from my photos.

Please check Darwin’s web site “Natural Moments Photography” and his blog. Every day, I learn something new from his blog posts.

“Winter Dreams” by Darwin Wiggett