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Time-lapse Photography – Rebuilt for Youtube HD

In my last blog, I have posted the time-lapse photography, “A night at the Calgary Stampede”, and I noticed the image quality uploaded in Youtube was very bad. I do not think it was far from the acceptable level to publish. Think about the resolution produced by even old D80; it is much higher than 1080p high-definition. So I took a whole day (Beautiful Saturday) to research how to develop HD video for Youtube. Here is process to build time-lapse photography, which I think at least working for me.
1. Minor retouching on Adobe Light Room and apply the changes to all photos.
2. Export whole images to a folder with resizing to 1080 on short edge. In this movie, I captured ten different scenes so the resized images from each location were stored in particular folders.
3. Build the sequence movies (Time lapse) by Apple Quick time pro. In this case, I made 10 different movies.
4. Quicktime produces ‘mov” files which cannot be opened by Windows Movie Maker 6.0 so I used Avdemux 2.5 for not only converting files but also stitching the ten video files to one sequence. Avdemux 2.5 is very good software to transform video and audio to suitable ones to display on Youtube HD. Then the file was converted to AVI file.
5. Some effects were added by Windows Movie Maker 6.0, which allows to develop only WMV format of the video files.
6. The WMV file was converted to mpeg 4 format by WinFF.
7. Finally upload the time-lapse photography to Youtube.

I am sure that many people know better ways than this process I tried. Please share your method.

Although I have replaced with the HD version in my last post, I attached the HD version in this post. You can see the big improvement from the low resolution version. Also all softwares are free, except Apple QuickTime Pro which is only $20. Please select 720P HD in “Change Quality” button which is shown as a wheel mark located on right bottom of the video and try full screen.

High resolution version

Low resolution version

Time Lapse – A night at the Calgary Stampede 2012

I went to Calgary Stampede on July 14th Saturday. It was very busy day. Although I had my regular camera with me, I did not use the camera for even a shot because I decided to focus on time lapse photography with my old Nikon D80. I tried time lapse for wedding photo session which I hope I can show you in near future.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm – Light, light light

The photo bellow is Casey Ryder, my best friend and a fabulous musician in Victoria, BC.
So three elements of music are rhythm, melody, and harmony. However, when I was his guitar student and he told me that it would be  “rhythm, rhythm, rhythm”. This means rhythm comes first and it is the most import element in music.

So now thinking about photography. What are elements of the photography? Composition…color… depth of field…shutter speed and motion…you name it. But in my opinion, LIGHT is always most important for photography. Everybody likes sunrise and sunset photos because of the beautiful red sky. Then turn the image to B&W, what can you see? Is the composition good enough? More importantly, am I capturing dramatic light? So many lighting techniques have been developed in 100 years of history of the photography to get ideal lighting. Yes, I believe LIGHT comes always first.

Casey Ryder in Nanton, AB

I bounced flash light to the wall. There was glass door of the cabinet on the wall. So sharp strong light flashed to Casey’s face from his right side.

Please check out Casey’s web site here.