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Stampede Wstern Gallery Show (2) – Stay on trails

This photo was taken in Lake O’Hara, British Columbiain in early September in 2010. I was walking on a trail and I found a beautiful green moss shinning in the morning sun light in a creek. However, I was with some friends heading to a location for the day. So I decided to come back in the evening. Unfortunately, the day turned to cloudy and we had a shower at the evening. But when I came back to the location I found in the morning, the sky was clearing up. I had still time before sunset.

But here was a problem. The creek was running about 3m below the trail. If I had taken Ninja action, I would’ve been able to go down to the creek. Well…now, I’ve got to tell myself…”No, I can not do this. It is not acceptable”. “Staying on trails”, that was clearly stated by a park ranger. It takes long time to recover once natural habitants are damaged. Photographers tend to bend the rule to get unique shots. But it may result in struggling own neck in long run.

Anyway, I kept walking and I came to cross the creek. Then there was a pass along by the creek. Lucky! I can reach to the green moss without stepping over natural vegetation.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Ultra wide Heliar 12mm/f5.6, my fun lens. Lee 0.9 ND filter. This is HDR image. I used PS to develop the HDR image but the outcome was not satisfactory. Then I tried Photometix, and I am quite happy with the result.

Backcountry trip to Peter lougheed park

I went backcountry camping in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis, Alberta last long weekend. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the times for whole 3 days. I lost a screw of the tripod head to attach a camera. So photography wise, it was not quite productive.  

I encountered a bear on the trail. The Grizzly was about 10m away, and it was only 200m before the turbine canyon camping site. I turned a corner on the trail and the Grizzly was just raising her head. I guess she saw me. Did I take pictures of the bear? It would be gastroscopy image, I guess.

Creek at the Turbine Canyon Camping site

Lawson Lake

After I shot this photo, the rain started. I had still 7km to my camping site.