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The photo stuck in my head – Nature of the photographer

Yesterday, I wrote about photography and paintings, and I mentioned about difficulty to bring up emotions to art form from artists’ own souls.      

I have one photo which gave me extremely strong impact. It is one of Annie Leibovitz’s photos. She is famous for her celebrity photographies. If I am correct, she is the last photographer who had a photo session with John Lennon before only hours of his death. Also she captured the moment John was signing his autography to Mark Chapman.    

The photo was the death of Annie Leibovits’s partner, published in her book “Photographer’s life”. After publishing this photos, she was criticized from points of view of moral, ethics and, at the first place, publishing death photography.

I found this photo while I was killing time in Chapters book store, and since then this photo stuck somewhere in my head. I did not know about Annie Leibovits at that time, though. I was quite shocked by her nature as a photographer. Can you imagine she still pointed a camera to her closest person at the moment of her death?  Further more, she completed the image as an art form. The image is obviously not a snap shot. It must be unbelievablly hard thing to do, mustn’t it?

Yes, photography is reflection of external subjects. But at the same reflaction of the photographers, themselves. Sometimes , it requires a painful journey to unconsciousness part. I believe art is supposed to be. Well …I do not have to worry about this question…because I am so far from this level:-(

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