Fall trip to Kootenay Plains

Discovering a new location is always exciting for photographers. I visited Kootenay Plains first time in fall last year. Along Highway 11, I saw variety of sceneries. I am sure I can spend days to explore over there. In fall, aspen trees in prairies type of open land is beautiful and kind of unique to me. A difference from Jasper is I saw leaves of aspen trees turned to not only yellow but also orange in Kootenay plains. This year, i visited Kootenay Plains again. This year was wired. I saw both yellow and still green. Also some aspen trees had already lost their leaves.

Some people say not to visit the same place again and explore new places. But I like revisiting familiar locations. Things changes year by year; also something never changes. The picture on left is taken in 2012 and one on right is in 2013.


By the way, Kootenay Plains is known to be quite windy. When I see motions and nice cloud pattern, it is time to try Lee Big Stopper ND filter. This image was from the trip in 2012, last year.

Windy day in Kootenay Plains by Hiroaki  Kobayashi on 500px.com

Windy day in Kootenay Plains
Hiroaki Kobayashi

Please click the image for larger size.

6 thoughts on “Fall trip to Kootenay Plains

  1. Lignum Draco

    Lovely images. I’ve mostly used my 10 stop ND filter for water scenes, but I think I’ll look out for cloud formations and give that a try as well. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Hiro Post author

      I use Big stopper to make wavy water surface calm in windy day, as well. I am addicted by the long exposure. Thank you for your comment.

  2. jmeyersforeman

    Hi HIro, I like the idea of revisiting the same location, each time I do there are new ways of seeing the location. From season to season the weather and light are different. I love the ND image that you have created. I have been reading about this for a while. As always your images are inspiring, and blog thought provoking.


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