Photographic gallery show at “Framed on Fifth” by Royce Howland

One day, when I visited Framed on Fifth, a lovely custom framing shop in Calgary, the owner of the store, Hannah asked me what kind of wide-angle lens was good to record gallery shows…Framed on Fifth has gallery space and they exhibit variety of arts every month. She needs a wide-angle lens to record each show. Actually, I am not a good person to ask this type of the question since equipment is least favorite topic for me. Some people can talk about every catalog data of all Canon or Nikon lenses. I am an opposite type of the photographer. But I became more interested in how I can capture her pretty store and the gallery show. Then I can give some ideas to Hannah.

I should talk about the gallery show this month since it is featuring Royce Howland, fabulous photographer from Calgary. I knew his name from some of my friends’ blog and Outdoor photography Canada magazine. Although, he and I took the same bus from Lake O’Hara about one and half years ago, I did not know who Royce was. Then I found him at PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) meeting. That was the first time I talked to him. We both were accredited by PPOC in nature photography category at the same time.

This is too late to announce but the opening reception of the show will be happening tomorrow, on January 4th from 5 pm to 9 pm. Royce’s photos were printed by Costas at Resolve photo, the most trusted printer in Calgary due to high quality prints, and they were framed by Hannah. You know fabulous b&w photos which are printed by the best printer and framed truly experienced framer… the show must be awesome! I am sure we will have deep conversation…deeper than catalog data for sure… at the opening reception. As a professional photographer, I am happy to be part of the community. I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.


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