Film is not dead (2)

As I mentioned in the last post, I will showcase the results of the film development session. Craig Taylor developed his two roles of 35mm Ilford. I picked 3 images which I felt interesting from his roles. For some reasons, the last image caught my eyes. This image would not get a ribbon. Judges would leave negative comments from points of composition, a focal point focus, contrast, etc. But to me, all these aspects considered to be failure give a certain edge to this image. It makes me feel unease. It means this image successfully communicated to me. Is it only me to call “Lee Friedlandar’s America by Car” to mind through this image?

Heather Simonds tried her Holga toy camera. At the shooting, we did know how to advance film. Just after the film development session, we discovered, her Holga came with two attachments and could select 6×6 cm or 6×4.5 cm format. So at the shooting, she thought Holga was always 6×6 cm format but actually the 6×4.5 cm attachment was loaded in the camera. Therefore, the sides of the all images taken in the film was overlapped each other. Followings are her images . Do you think if these are just failures or something interesting.  I will leave to you.

6 thoughts on “Film is not dead (2)

  1. jmeyersforeman

    nice black and white work – I am a prairie girl and I am drawn to the fenceline photo! But the work Heather did on the mulitple images is quite interesting, I have seen some work on the internet by others and like the magical mysterious quality of the images!

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thanks, Janice. Heather will appreciate your comment. I like the fence photo, too, sicne I see static and kinetic portions in the image.

  2. John Smith

    Your first picture does emanate a powerful sense of tension and unease. It would work as a book cover as it has a narrative feel to it. The accidental nature of the Helga overlap….. the essence of a photo book, perhaps.
    Regards, John

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thank you for dropping by, and I checked your blog site. I hope you enjoy Takamatsu. Photobook could be good idea. I always feel collecting series of narrative photos is more difficult and powerful than single just ribbon collecting image.


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