Need your help (3) – Color or B&W – Bow Lake

Eventually, I have decided to put my images to Flickr and 500px. So I can share “okay” images which are not good enough to put in my web-site. So I need your kind help now! Please let me hear your opinion about which you like better between the 2 images below. I cannot select one for the portfolio in my website. Top one is color obviously; the unique part of this shot technically is shutter speed is fairly long, about 3 min achieved by Lee Big Stopper filter. The other one is Infrared B&W, one of my  photography styles. Please click the images for the larger views.


A melancholic snail 1

Melancholic – Bow lake – color

A melancholic snail 2

Melancholic – Bow lake – B&W

I will talk about the LEE big stopper filter some time.

25 thoughts on “Need your help (3) – Color or B&W – Bow Lake

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I feel same; that is why I can choose one. I found nice street/event photos in website.

    1. Hiro Post author

      I like B&W (film), too, and I tend to pick B&W. But in this case, color has cartain charactor, too. I guess Big stopper add the mood. Thanks for your comment. I like your photos, especially in the “people” category.

  1. jcruzfoto

    I personally like the cold hues of the blue one. I love B&W as well but I think personally for this photo the blue one speaks more to me. It’s great you’re asking for our opinions to hear what we think but it’s ultimately you, the artist, that decides. A photograph that appeals to everyone is a just a photograph. A photograph that touches the mind, body and soul of just one person is amazing. J:)

  2. Hiro Post author

    Thank you so much for everyone who left comments and liked this post. I have posted the “Color” version to my website.

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