Enjoy accidents

I have developed some roles of films just recently. As processing by myself, I make a mistake and ruin a whole role of film once a while. This time, the film was accidentally exposed and signs of perforations appeared in the frames. These images are not totally usable but I usually keep these garbage because I can often find some unexpected but interesting results. They may be used in future. Ideally, an artist should master and control techniques to achieve inner images, but sometimes it may be fun to leave it to God’s hand and enjoy the accident. I will share one image I think it is interesting. Please let me know how you think. Is it artistic or just garbage?      Kodak T-max 400 film. T-max is famous for its fine grain but grains in this image are so visible ??

2 thoughts on “Enjoy accidents

  1. Hiro Post author

    Thanks, Janice. Blue water color paper? Hmmm, I have not tried Cyanotype yet. It might be about time to go back to my darkroom.


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