Ethereal Photographic Art Show (7) – Darwin Wiggett

So finally, It came to time to write about Darwin Wiggett. This is a very hard task for me. Me analyzing Darwin’s photographs is kind of ridiculous. But I have so many things to talk about his images. Maybe I should talk about why I am so attracted by his images. Before that, let me back to my musician era. It is easier for me.

I went to Jeff Beck concert just 1 week ago days ago. Jeff beck has been my guitar hero since I was a high school student (One more YouTube, Jeff plays Lennon’s song). This is my 5th time to see his concert. Every time, I was knocked out by his 1st note, only one note! His guitar sound came from his finger picking is so distinctive and cool. When he plays ballads, it is unbelievably beautiful and sad but 10 seconds later I hear sort of aggressiveness and anger. Among rock musicians, I cannot think of any other players who can express emotions at his level. There are many technically more advanced guitarists such as Edward Van Halen, Steve Vai, etc. However, Jeff Back really controls a guitar and the sounds. I guess techniques are just tools to express emotion for him. So although his songs are pretty easy to copy, it never be same. To copy his delicate nuance, I had to go up to different level.

Well I should come back to photography. Darwin’s images are, without question, very beautiful. But it is not that simple. I see joyfulness, peacefulness, liveliness; also I feel loneliness, sadness, mysteriousness even intenseness like Jaff beck’s play.

Initially, I thought Darwin’s style is toward high contrast and colorful so it was why his images were powerful, strong, dynamic, and masculine (Kind of opposite from Sam’s images). However, one day, I was looking through his photographic book, “Dances with Light” and I found very delicate tones in clouds, skies, water stream, green grass…everywhere. Sorry to Darwin, but it was a surprising discovery to me. You know…listening to a record after a long time, you get a different impression from before. Don’t you have such an experience? I believe truly great arts are like this….van Gogh, Mozart, Beatles, Django Reinhardt, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest …they contain all sorts of characters and emotions in one piece of the artworks. That is why whenever I revisit the piece, I discover something new and I can glow together.

Well…coping someone’s style or technique is not so difficult and everybody has to do “copy” at one point. But what I would like to acquire from Darwin is his artist sensitivity…from picking up a camera to present images in public. It is not easy and requires patience. Only I can do is to keep shooting. I hope people feel some sort of an emotion from my photos.

Please check Darwin’s web site “Natural Moments Photography” and his blog. Every day, I learn something new from his blog posts.

“Winter Dreams” by Darwin Wiggett

1 thought on “Ethereal Photographic Art Show (7) – Darwin Wiggett

  1. Samantha

    Hiro, thanks for picking up the prints. We can arrange to get them from you when you are available over the next week or so. I’m in town Thursday evening if you want to meet somewhere and I can pick them up. I tried to email you, but mail to your email still comes back undeliverable. Do you have another email address to email me?


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