Ethereal Photographic Art Show (6) – Samantha Chrysanthou

Samantha kindly joined the Ethereal Photographic Art show. I think only Sam, Darwin, and myself are showing photos from film. Furthermore, their images were taken by Holga, (toy camera) and printed on vinyl, Yes, it is HOLGA and VINYL. How can her images be more ethereal? Yes, I know, holga does not create such artistic photos.

Although I take landscapes, I am not impressed by nature photography so easily. I tend stop by portraits or street photography more. Honestly, I am following only handful of landscape photographers. Having said that, I have being following Sam’s blog for quite long time because of obviously her fabulous photos, but also because her images make me think so many things. What kind words can I think of to describe her photos….mild, soft, pure, simplistic, subtle, delicate or introvert ….well, I am sure they are completely opposite end
from words like gorgeous, wild, masculine (of course), intense, or bold. I
don’t want to use the word “artistic’ to describe her images since the word is
overused. Anyway, I am sure her images are different from typical –aphrodisiac landscapes.

I mention this many times in my blog, but let me repeat my question, why great photos have to be “WOW” and “Gorgeous” with full of digital effects. I often think about life span of an image. How long people can stand the same “WOW” image hung on their wall in a dining room. 3 years, 3 months or 3 weeks? Who knows? It is no doubt “Transformer” is super entertaining movie and fun to watch (Don’t get me wrong, I love the series). But don’t you feel to watching a human drama in some quiet Sunday afternoon? Are you excited when you scrolling TV channels and find “Independence Day”.   Listening to cutting edge dance music with iPod can be uplifting, but you may get more quality time by listing to live folk music at a local café? I personally think Sam’s images are comparable with Joni Mitchell music. (Sam may not like this). Joni’s songs are somewhat so intellectual.

Anyway, a picture is worth a thousand words. Please check Her blog, Sam’s Rant and her web-site. I hope you can see what I wanted to say. Again, you may not find typical panorama-sunrise landscapes, but photos with profound taste and lovely images…. these are ones I like. Oh, and don’t forget reading her insightful articles as well. I took a hour to read sometimes with my English level.


“In the Meadow” by Samantha Chrysanthou

“Columnar II” by Samantha Chrysanthou

“Columnar I” by Samantha Chrysanthou

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