Ethereal Photographic Art Show (5) – Wayne Simpson

The first time I saw Wayne’s photos was in the group gallery show at the Resolution Local Art Gallery in Calgary, AB last year. A couple of my photos were also exhibited in the show. When I saw his photos, I was totally knocked out and I felt “I wanna take my photos to my home now. I can’t leave my photos with this guy”. I am quietly competitive so I tried to convince myself my images were good enough….but my inner voice said “His image is better… you cannot not win”. Wayne’s images had really strong impact. To be honest, his displays were at different level from other amateur photographers in that gallery show.

What is shame is I am unbelievably bad at names and I forgot his name after the show. One day, I was browsing Darwin Wiggett’s blog and I found the familiar photos and I was screamed at a monitor, “this is the guy!”. Then I sent e-mail
to him and he kindly responded me. Wayne is actually not only a landscape
photographer but also he is specializing  wedding photography. When I hung around in Banff, I sometimes observe how wedding photographers are doing their job. What I found is the levels of the photographers really vary. Some looked doing terrible job. Well…without any techniques to control light in contrasty sunny afternoon… how can they do professional job? I know I should not compare Wayne’s works and those crappy works, but his wedding photographs are a kind of different in a positive way. One day, I was browsing his blog and I found people in his wedding photos looked “pop” in the frames. So I asked him what kind of lighting he used for the photos. He wrote me back the detailed answer. He uses lighting equipment which can be used in fashion photography, plus honeycombs, gels etc (usually, lighting set up for wedding is
much simpler) . Also he merges the essence of landscape and bring dynamic new
ideas into his wedding photography. I am pretty sure his clients are happy with
his photos and the impression lasts for long time.

Please check his web site and blog. You will find his creative and unique photos and can feel certain mood and emotion in his images. I think this is why I was and am still amazed by his images.

Outer size 28x17


Outer size 22x19


2 thoughts on “Ethereal Photographic Art Show (5) – Wayne Simpson

  1. samsrant

    Hiro, nice write-up on Wayne! I agree with you on how talented Wayne is at being able to photograph the diversity of landscape and wedding equally well.

    (Hiro, sidenote: my emails to you keep bouncing back–don’t you like me anymore? 🙂 But the write up you did for me for the blog looks great. Darwin can get back to you by Sunday or Monday if that’s ok.)


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