Ethereal Photographic Art show (3) – Keith Walker

Keith Walker is a professional photographer specializing aerial photography, obviously residing in Calgary, Alberta. He is also a great talker. I never be bored when he started talking about his unique experiences in helicopters and his digital Hasselbrad. One day, he showed to me his series of photographic books, and I was so impressed by his bird-eye images. I did not know, until I saw his book, huge scale but interesting patterns are formed not only in nature but also in manmade structures. I often cannot tell what is the pattern in a picture. It is a magic by God’s hand. Figuratively speaking, if macro photography were quantum mechanics, aerial photography would be cosmology discovered by Einstein.

But surprise is not only his aerial photography but also he crafts wonderful photo arts or photo paintings. Nowadays, it is not difficult to try photo-arts digitally. We can see many photo-arts in Flickr or anywhere. However, I am hardly impressed by these images. Actually, I tried the effects, but I could not get what I expected. I always ask what is an photographer’s intention, to be honest they look gimmicky to me. However, after I saw Keith’s photographic book and his cooperative work with the famous Marine photographer, Tim Wright, my eyes opened. He uses a more sophisticated photo editing software than Photoshop, and reproduces delicate touch of brush or pen. They were totally new to me. Please check out this website,

Let me repeat, he is a full time photographer…but he said to me one time he still took a camera and tried some different areas of photography as a hobby in his spare time. He continued he did not like an typical photographer’s attitude to complain when they could not get the best conditions they expected. Please check out his Personal Photography & Artwork site and his aerial photography site as well.

Who is going to be the next photographer? Just stay tuned.

“Passion for Dance – Havana Cuba” – Keith Walker

“Big Old Dinosaur I – Havana Cuba” – Keith Walker

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