Ethereal Photographic Art show (2) – Our photographers

I think it is about time to introduce some of the photographers exhibiting their photographs at the Ethereal Photographic show.

Walker McBryde: He joined this show from Canmore, Alberta. He is showing quite strong image of the waterfall in a vertical panorama format. What catches my eyes is its bronze color tinged finish. I am really curious how it was done. Was it done digitally or on the process of printing?

“Waterfall” – Walker McBryde

Jean Parboosingh: She is also from Canmore, Alberta. I checked her Flickr site and I found her remarkable travel photographs. Wow, how many places she has visited. But I am truly impressed by her everyday-life photographs, especially images of the flowers and the plants. They are not simple snap shots; some artistic tweaks are applied. Check out subtle blending of colors  in her flower images.

“Silver Birch Tree Trunks” – Jean Parboosingh

Annett Wichmann: I know Annett from a local camera club and we have many chances to appreciate her photos since she is one the regular winners of the club competitions. I am always impressed by not only her creativity but also photographic techniques and her knowledge to achieve own artstic view into the frames. But it may not be surprising since she runs art classes at her store, Kensington Art Supply.

“Floral Dream” – Annette Wichmann

Dana Naldrett: His images are, according to his explanation, “new series of photographs with an environmental theme”. He printed his images directly on  Aluminum board, which I wrote in my previous blog post.

“Birth of the Earth” – Dana Naldrett

Craig Taylor: I know Craig from the camera club as well. He is extremely eager to try new things; As far as I know, he has tried  studio lighting, light painting, star trails, night photography, and even film.  His extensive knowledge of photo techniques and software always surprises me. Although his concepts varies from one image to another, he still achieves high quality images.

“Ascension to Joy” – Craig Taylor

Candace Belliveau: I have known Candace since I started shooting digital, and she is one of close photography friends. Infrared photography has been part of my photographic expression. However, Candy started IR photography even before me. She intensively shoots IR photography and create fabulous images.  So I could say IR has been one of her styles. Establishing own style is really important as an artist, isn’t it? Although I turn my IR image to pure B&W, she keeps original red-orange color which just came out from her IR modified camera. This gives truly ethereal feel. I am expecting her to open own website.

“Totem” – Candace Belliveau

Lisa Mercer: Oh, Lisa! She did great job again for this show. I can write about her extensively but I put just an introduction this time since I wrote about Lisa in my previous blog post. Her unique vision and tone never betray viewers. In addition to the last blog post, she has opened her website and started photography business. Congratulation to Lisa’s new voyage. Please check out her web site.

“Swing” – Lisa Mercer

More artists will be coming next blog posts. Stay tuned.

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