Ethereal Photographic Art show (1) – Free your mind

I have not posted blog for long time….because I have been so busy organizing a group show in October at a local gallery inCalgary.

I have been questioning meanings of photo competitions recently. I know categories have to set and there must be RULES.  On the other hand I started thinking why I can’t place my hands in my landscape photographs, like one of
images I found in Darryl Benson’s photo book. Why do images have to be always super sharp? Why does it have be “WOW” to get a ribbon?

When I was thinking about the theme of this show, I did not want one which was going to limit types of photography. But finding meaningful as well as catchy words was really difficult process. One day, I found a good word in Sam’s Rant (Samantha Chrysanthou’s blog). It is “Ethereal”.

Through this word, I wanted all photographers, including myself to set mind free and expect everybody to craft images to achieve her/his imaginations. It could be done on a camera at the location, or can be done on a computer, or with development chemicals, like one of my images. As a result, wide variety of artistic photos from 15 photographers are exhibited at the Resolution Local Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta.  Please check out our Web-gallery. I believe they cannot be described as the simple word, “WOW”.

More info about the show is here. I am planning to write about all photographers in the future as many I can. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Ethereal Photographic Art show (1) – Free your mind

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thanks, Janice. Our opening reception went really well. After you left, the gallery was packed and I had to buy more wine.


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