Consideration of differences b/w paintings and photography – influenced by Katie Selbee’s gallery show

This weekend, Calgary area is pretty beautiful and I usually go to mountains or prairie on weekends, but I stayed in Calgary this time because I wanted to go to opening gala for the new show at the Resolution Local Art Gallery in Calgary, Alberta. This time is breath-taking drawings by Katie Selbee.

Her drawings are deep, powerful, but delicate…. I do not know how to describe about her art. They have strongly introvert feeling and you cannot believe they are created by the  early twenties, young lady. They are also intellectual approached works. I’ve got long-lasting impact from her work, and I have been thinking if what I am doing, so-called art, has (will have) such influences to the people.  

We, human being are obtained a privilege to have artistic mind, and people pick up tools for the creative activities. Some people choose pens and canvas, some pick guitar. For other people, video cameras are choices and in my case, it is photography at this point. As a characteristic of the photography, photographers need to borrow  images from external environments, and we make efforts to express some sort of feeling with the images. Hopefully, the image will communicate with audiences and evoke similar emotions. Sometimes audiences can see personality or background of the photographers. That is truly successful image. But cameras are not ideal tools to express pure, naked and honest emotions from inside of artists themselves. I imagine it must be challenging process for painting artists to create painting from a scratch without any blue prints. But its freedom is something photographers can never buy. And the art form communicate with audiences more directly and effectively. Sometimes they make us uncomfortable because they stick deep inside of myself. 

Some of photographer may disagree with my findings…how everybody think? I would like to hear more opinions

Back to Katie’s art, I appreciate that she shares her psychological and philosophical  journey with us. I imagine her creation process must be not only fun but also difficult for some part.

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