Infrared Photography

Infrared photography has become one of the significant artistic expressions for me. Modern digital cameras are equipped with UV/IR cut filter inside of the camera body. Contrarily, older generation of digital cameras or my camera do not have the UV/IR cut filter. The IR is actually an enemy since it causes wired color cast. So I have to attach IR cut filter in front of the lenses.  However, by switching the UV/IR cut filter to an IR FILTER, my camera turns to an infrared camera. Some other ways to achieve  infrared photography are:

  • Modifying DSLR to remove the UV/IR cut filter from the camera. 
  • Some of Pentax DSLR achieve the IR images electronically.
  • Using IR films, Freestyle Photographic Supplies carry the IR films.

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This is the shot I took in Kananaskis, Alberta. You see very black sky and white clouds. Most characteristically, the forests on the lake shore turns white. It would be dark with regular B&W.

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7 thoughts on “Infrared Photography

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thanks for your comment. This image HELPED foothills camera club in Calgary to get the 2nd position of CAPA nature photography competition. I found many interesting IR photos in your blog.

    1. Hiro Post author

      Thanks, Sarah. Jasper and Yoho are ones of the greatest places to visit in Canadian Rockies, as you mentioned in your Blog. But Kananaskis country can not be missed. It is wilder than Banff.

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