Landscape photography in a cloudy day

Thinking of this summer, I had rainy days or at least cloudy days almost every weekends. What even worse is those cloudy days were overcast weather, so I did not see any cloud patterns…. just boring gray sky.  It is obviously difficult to shoot gorgeous landscape pictures in this condition.

One day, I hiked the rockbound lake trail in Banff national park. It became cloudy, really cloudy and sky was plain gray when I got to the lake. But I had already hiked 7 km. I needed to capture some images anyway.  So I changed strategy.

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I walked around the lake shore and I found a rocky area and a weed. This could be a good chance to try the 12mm lens I bought recently! I set up my tripod and I approached the lens as close as possible to the grass. Actually those 3 rocks are only 1 m away from the grass. I could successfully eliminate the sky from the frame.

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